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  The rules of Shang Yang's reform are ready and have not been announced yet.


  Fearing that the common people do not believe in themselves, he orders people to place a three foot tall wood in front of the South Gate of the capital market, recruit people who can move to the north gate, and give them ten gold rewards.


  When the people saw it, they were surprised. No one dared to move the wood. Shang Yang added, "fifty gold for those who can carry wood." When a man carried wood, he gave him fifty gold to show that he had not deceived the people. A new law was enacted afterwards.


  The new law has been implemented by the people for a whole year, and thousands of ordinary people in the state of Qin said that the new law was inconvenient.


  At this time, the prince also violated the law, Shang Yang said: "the new law can not be successfully implemented because the upper class violated it.


  The crown prince is the successor of the monarch. I can't punish him. So I punished his teacher Gongzi Qian, and stabbed another teacher Gongsun Jia on his face to show his punishment. "


  The next day, when Qin people heard about it, they all complied with the law.


  Ten years after the implementation of the new law, the people of Qin were very happy. No one picked up the things lost by others on the road for themselves, and there were no thieves in the forest. Every family were well-off.


  【注释 Note


  ①Shang Yang: (about 390 BC - 338 BC), a statesman, thinker and representative of a famous legalist in the Warring States period.