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  Li Kuchan is straightforward. He never breaks his word when he promises to paint.


  Once, an old friend asked him to make a picture, and Li Kuchan failed to finish it in time because of something.


  Soon after he received the news of his old friend's death, Li Kuchan was shocked. He regretted it, even stamped his feet and wept, feeling that he had failed his friend's trust.


  After the mood calmed down, Li Kuchan dragged his body, which was suffering from illness, to the front of the painting, and drew a picture of white lotus in the dim eyes of tears. He wrote the name of his old friend on the painting solemnly.


  After the ink was all dry, Li Kuchan took the painting to the courtyard and prayed in silence. Then, He lit the painting  just finished. When the painting was completely burnt to ashes, Li Kuchan walked heavily back to the studio.


  Afterwards, Li Kuchan mentioned this to his students and people around him for many times, saying: "I have never broken my faith in others, but I feel sorry for my old friends and cause lifelong regret. In the future, Soneone ask me to draw ,as long as I promise, you must urge me in time, and don't let me break faith with others again. "


  【注释 Note


  ①Li Kuchan: born in Gaotang, Shandong Province, he is a modern calligrapher and painter, art educator, and master of modern Chinese freehand flower and bird painting.