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  During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, there was Li Shageng, a snack shop owner in Nanchang City. At first, he won customers with real prices.


  But after he made money, he adulterated the fake, was not enthusiastic to customers, and his business became increasingly cold.


  One day, famous painter Zheng Banqiao came to the store for dinner. Li Shageng was so surprised that he asked for the name of the store.


  Zheng Banqiao wrote the six words "Li Shageng Snack Shop" wildly, and the ink was vigorous and powerful, which attracted people to watch, but no one ate.


  Originally, the word "heart" was written a little less. Li Shageng requested to write a little more.But Zheng Banqiao said: "No mistake, you had a thriving business in the past because the heart has this, but now the business is weak because the heart is less."


  Li Shageng realized the importance of managing life.


  Since then, he has made a great change and won the hearts and markets again.



  What inspiration do you have after reading this story?