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  Tang Taizong warned his children to respect their teachers when they were young.


  Once, Li Gang, the prince's teacher, was unable to walk because of foot disease.


  When Tang Taizong knew this, he authorized Li Gang to enter the palace in a sedan chair to give lectures and ordered the prince to personally welcome the teacher.


  In feudal society, except for the emperor and his concubines and children, who could sit in a chair, other officials should not sedan chair, even if they are going in and out, they are also frightened.


  Later, Tang Taizong calledMinister of Rites, Wang Gui ,as a teacher of his fourth son, King Wei.


  One day, he heard a report that Wang Wei did not respect his teachers.


  Tang Taizong was very angry, and criticized his son in front of Wang Gui. "Every time you see Wang Gui, your teacher, like me, should be respected and not relaxed a little."


  From then on, when he met Wang Gui, his teacher, he was always respectful and took the class seriously.


  Due to the strict family education of Tang Taizong, several of his sons respect their teachers and are never rude.