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  Li Bai, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty, once went to Jinling to rest in a restaurant near Wende Bridge.


 It happened to be the fifteenth day of winter. At night, he sat alone in the wine shop admiring the month, drinking and composing poems.


  Li Bai loved the moon best in his life and said it was clean and beautiful.


  That evening, he looked up and saw the white and round moon in the sky. He was very happy and drank a few more.


  At midnight, Li Bai went downstairs to Wende Bridge while enjoying the wine.


  As soon as he was on the bridge, he bowed his head and suddenly saw the moon fall in the water.As soon as the river moved, several black lines were added to the white moonlight.


  Li Bai was then drunk, only if the moon had soiled the river.


  He didn't have time to take off his boots, jumped off the bridge with open hands to catch the moon.


  Who knows that this jump, the moon did not catch, but the moon in the water burst, instantly split in two.


  Later, people built a "Deyue Platform" beside Wendeqiao, which is said to be the place where Li Bai, the great poet, appreciated the moon.