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  One day, Shang Tang went for a walk in the wild.


  He saw that someone had set up a net around to catch birds and animals, and prayed, "all the birds and animals that came down from heaven and from all directions will enter the net."


  Shang Tang can't help sighing: "In this case, all the animals will be killed . Who but a tyrant like Jie would do such a thing?"


  So Shang Tang  also opened a web. He took off three sides and only one side of the web. He prayed, "once spiders were weaving webs, but now people are learning to weave them. If the animal wants to go to the left, it will go to the left. If it wants to go to the right, it will go to the right. If it wants to go to the high, it will go to the high. If it wants to go to the low, it will go to the low. I only catch those who violate the destiny. "


  The good news that the Shang Tang" a net open on three sides "suddenly spread. The people of the South Bank of Han River said: "The benevolence and virtue of  Shang Tang  are all over the animals. "


  Therefore, forty vassal states at that time came to shun Shang Tang.


  【注释 Note


  ①Shang Tang: the founder of Shang Dynasty, the second Dynasty in Chinese history.