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  In Xianfeng Period of Qing Dynasty, there was a military official named Zhang Yao, who was promoted to be a political envoy of Henan Province because of his hard work and meritorious service.


  He was out of school since childhood, without culture and often discriminated by courtiers. Liu Yunan, the imperial envoy, said that he was "illiterate", so he was appointed as the general.


  From then on, Zhang Yao determined to study hard and make himself capable of writing and martial arts.


  Zhang Yao thought that his wife was very literate and asked her to teach him to study at home.


  ”The wife said, "it's OK to teach, but there must be one condition. It's a rite of worship and respectful study."


  Zhang Yao was full of promises. He immediately put on his court clothes and asked his wife to sit in front of the Confucius memorial tablet and worship her three times and knock nine times.


  From then on, his wife taught him to read classics and history in his spare time.


  Whenever his wife put on the teacher's airs, he would bow to listen to the training and dare not be disrespectful.


  At the same time, he also asked people to engrave a "illiterate" seal, which he often wore on his body.


  A few years later, Zhang Yao finally became a learned man.


  Later, when he was a governor in Shandong, some people said he was "illiterate". He wrote to the emperor for an interview. The interview results surprised the emperor and many ministers.


  Zhang Yao took office in Shandong Province. He built River levees, built roads, set up factories, made fine products, and did many things to benefit the country and the people.