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  远古的时候,人们不知道有火,也不知道用火。到了黑夜,四处一片漆黑,野兽的叫声此起彼伏 ,人们又冷又怕地挤在一起。由于没有火,人们只能吃生的食物,经常生病,寿命也很短。

  In the ancient time, people did not know the existence of fire; let alone how to make use of it. When the night came, it was as black as pit and the cries of the beasts lingered on. People had to stick together, cold and frightened Since there was no fire, they had to eat raw food, as a result of which they got ill easily and lived a short life.


  In the very ancient time, the sky and the earth were not so far from each other and were connected by ladders. The immortals and deities could go up and down freely and even the ordinary people with magic power could climb up the ladders to complain to the Lord of Heaven.So what on earth were the ladders to heaven? And where were they?


  As legend has it, to the northwest of China, tens of millions of miles away, there was an Elysian land named “the Kingdom of Huaxushi”,which was so far away and no one ever there on foot or by boat. People could only imagine the happy life there from afar.